Photo Dump: There and Back Again

Photos from Carissa’s and I’s whirlwind trip around Zambia, Botswana, and Zambia again. From 12/25/17-1/15/18. Photos selected and captioned by Carissa.


Photo Dump: Everywhere But Ikelenge

I have a crapton of catching up to do! Sorry for the absence of updates, which has turned my blog into a glorified Goodreads account. Enjoy these pictures from August and September!


Photo Dump 2: In Over My Head

May, June, and July in Ikelenge District. You call it Summer, I call it Cold Season.


Photo Dump #1: To PST and Beyond


Neyi munakukeng’a kwikala kajila kami…

… you gotta get with my friends!

In the interest of proving that I’m not, in fact, faking my Peace Corps service for an art project, I figured it would be a good idea to post some pics of the people I interact with on a daily basis.

My Language Class


What he did: international relations major, grocer

Fun fact: George was supposed to be an economic development volunteer in Mali, but then ended up in Zambia after the program was pulled.


What she did: microbiology major, forest firefighter

Fun fact: Anniki biked the Pacific Crest Trail (from Wild!) from the Canadian border to the Mexican border.

A Golden

What he does: language instructor for Peace Corps! Also a farmer in an amazing conservation farm that, unfortunately, has been seized by eminent domain to build an airport :/

Fun fact: A Golden speaks seven languages and is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.


(left to right) Me, A Golden, Annikki, and George

My Host Family

A Pamela

What she does: kicks butt all day every day! If you ask her, she says she does nothing but she: sweeps our courtyard, carries water for the whole family, cooks, farms/gardens, takes care of her kids, runs a store an hour walk from the house, and feeds the plethora of livestock on the compound.

Fun fact: She is supposed to be my host mom, but she’s only 25, so we’re just siblings.


A Pamela slaying at cultural day

A Emmanuel

What he does: farms maize (corn), soya, cattle, pumpkin, groundnuts (peanuts), and owns two stores

Fun fact: While he doesn’t speak Lunda, he tries really hard to use it whenever possible, and makes fun of me when I cave and greet people in Bemba on the street.

A Emmanuel and I

A Dorothy

What she does: grade 12 at the girls’ school in Chipembi, little sister of of A Pamela.

Fun fact: She’s an amazing singer!

A Mary

What she does: grade 12 at the girls’ school in Chipembi

Fun fact: She’s a terrible liar, as proven when I taught her and Dorothy how to play BS


Dorothy (left) and Mary (right)

A Beauty

What she does: grade 4 (?) in primary school.

Fun fact: Whenever I say hi she giggles and runs off, so an enigma. Sometimes throws corn cobs at my butt.

[need to get photo of Beauty from George]

A Stanley

What he does: rolls a barrel up and down the hill in our compound, dances to music, throws temper tantrums.

Fun fact: probably my best friend out of Zambians I’ve met, because kids are so easy to make friends with! You like rolling barrels up a hill? Cool, let’s roll barrels up the hill. If you are tall enough to pick him up to grab pods off seeds, you’re in.


A poorly timed picture of our neighbor Patrick (left) and Stan (right)

Chamuka Dogs

Spot (aka Whiny Wendy)

What she does: bullies the other dogs into giving her their food, whines a lot.

Fun fact: Wendy had puppies! She had a litter of 6 but we’re down to 4 😦


Wendy and her litter

Spot (aka Spot)

What she does: knows that she’s the cutest one and milks it as much as possible

Fun fact: She also had puppies! All three still kicking it!


What a bae ❤

Spot (aka Skinny)

What she does: fails to grab scabs in time, somehow has tons of energy

Fun fact: She survived a snake bite, or some other form of poisonous assured death! We thought she was a goner but she is still running around!


Skinny with her face all janked up

Really Cool Peeps I Also Happen to Have Photos Of


What she did/does: Getting her masters in food studies, worked at a co-op!

Fun fact(s): Is an amazing storyteller, studied acrobatics in Australia (what???), geniunely awesome in every way.

Maddie loves to make goofy faces in pictures.

Maddie and I one day into Zambia


What he did: Engineering major, forest firefighter (strange number of forest firefighters in my life now).

Fun fact: He thinks that Sauron is the true hero of Lord of the Rings and thinks Gollum gave the ring a bad rap.


Sam on a bike ride, also blinking.

Everyone Else 

They’re cool too, but I don’t take pictures very often and am already tired of writing fun facts