Highlight Reel: January 2018

2 years ago, Nick visited me in Thailand and I had him guest blog for me about our trip together. Today he is returning the “favor” as I, Carissa, write his highlight reel for him. He has asked me to post the pictures separately, so don’t worry, there is more to come.

Cute and flirty:  When Nick was first taking geography in high school he told me about this pool on top of Victoria Falls. He said that during a certain season, the water was low enough that people could sit in the pool and look over the edge. I’m not sure exactly how it started, but we made a plan to one day go on a trip through Central Africa. Our plan back then was a tad over-zealous but this past month we did actually get to see parts of it through. #dreamsreallydocometrue

Something Ilearned from Nick’s community: I got to learn about so many things! Here’s a few highlights…

  1. Traditional Zambian beekeeping methods from George…. Bee hives are placed inside of logs which are then elevated off the ground and almost entirely sealed to keep out predators (like honey badgers!)
  2. How to make pineapple wine from Nick’s host mom… It’s a good way to cut down on food waste too! You just use pineapples that are starting to go bad, dice ‘em up, boil them with sugar, and then put them in a bucket to sit for a few weeks.
  3. New gardening techniques from Nick and Kelsi
  4. That there is a kind of leaf that tastes like strawberries
  5. I also learned, from camping near a river, that hippo calls sound like a giant is sneezing

Something Nick’s community learned from me: I made Thai food for Nick’s host family and not only did they eat it all, his host mom asked for the recipes.

Shower insights: If you are someone who read my blog when I was in Thailand you probably know this already BUT wow! I LOVE bucket showers!

Something that didn’t totally fail: Nick and I weren’t really sure what we should expect to see during our safari time in Botswana. Since most of the big animals disappear into the bush during rainy season, we prepared to see mostly birds. But the sun was shining down on us (literally and figuratively) and we ended up seeing two prides of lions, over 100 elephants, an African fox, countless impalas, 10+ giraffes, ostriches, wildebeest, zebras, flamingos, warthogs, hippos, a couple kinds of hornbills, baboons, vervet monkeys, etc. So many animals!

Hero of the month: It’s hard to pick a hero when so many people were so nice and thoughtful and kind.

Villain of the month: Nick lined up a taxi driver to pick us up and take me to the airport on my last day in Zambia. It was kind of a hassle to arrange, from what I gathered, and we were pushing it a little close to the time limit with how late we were leaving. So the taxi driver pulls up and we climb into his car. About 200 feet into our trip to the airport the car stops moving. There were some ruts in the road right there so Nick asked if we should get out and push the car; assuming the car was stuck. Nope. Dude had run out of gas. And he wanted us to just sit there and wait while his friend went to the gas station. At least I got a little exercise in during the ensuing scramble to get to the airport on time.

Since this is me as a guest on Nick’s blog, am I allowed to name Donald Trump as the other villain of the month for calling African countries “shithole countries?” Very enlightened and diplomatic guy, that one.

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